Herniated Disc

Chocolate – A Powerful Pain Reliever

  Chocolate lifts your mood, is a good antioxidant, is an anti-inflammatory and improves blood flow – all of which assist in pain relief. How is this possible? Chocolate has always been known to lift the mood create a relaxed feeling help with sleep It is also high in essential nutrients and easy on the gut. But not just any chocolate, so be careful which one you choose.     Dark is the Best It […]

Bulging Discs & Why They are so Painful

  A bulging disc is when the disc has been compressed to the point of being pushed out of it’s original space and into the area where the nerves and spinal cord reside.  A bulging disc may not cause any pain at all however over time and with increased natural forces or injury, it may eventually move so far as to touch nearby nerves resulting in serious pain.  Pain may present suddenly however it is […]