Is Fashion Damaging Your Health?

Fashion choices and impact your health

Fashion or Health?

It is thought that up to ¾ of the western population are likely to suffer health issues due to their fashion and wardrobe choices.  These include conditions such as back and neck pain, circulation issues, digestion issues, skin irritations and allergies (we’ve excluded accidents).

So what’s the problem?

Tight Pants

Circulation and digestion issues, especially when sitting and knee problems caused by incorrect knee extensions.

High Heels

Bunions, callouses and trapped nerves. Shortening of leg muscles and incorrect posture causing spinal issues. And that’s if you manage to stay upright on them, otherwise add broken bones and sprained ankles.

Not Washing New Clothes Before Wearing

Many clothes are coated in preserving agents before packing and shipping. These chemicals, and the dyes used, can cause issues if they come into direct contact with the skin, especially in the case of underwear.

Oversized Bags

Back and neck pain, trapped nerves and arthritis. It’s not the bag that is the issue but what you put in it and especially if it is always carried on the same shoulder.

Repetitive Fashion

Mix it up so that your body gets a rest. Don’t wear the same shoes all the time, tight pants every day or a short skirt that is difficult to walk and sit in.  Let your body relax by changing it up or at lease changing into looser clothes, more comfortable and supportive footwear and a small back pack for a portion of your day.

Give yourself a break

Being comfortable will also have it’s side effects. Your face will be more relaxed and you will likely get less wrinkles, your back will be straighter which will make you look stronger and younger and if you eliminate painful health conditions you will save yourself a whole lot of money on health care.