Traction V Spinal Decompression – What is the Difference?

  It is common practice these days for people to seek alternative and non invasive methods to reduce their chronic neck and back pain, rather than heading down the surgery path.   When introducing Spinal Decompression to a patient, a question we sometimes get is “how is this different from Traction Therapy (or Flexion Distraction Therapy)?” Comparing the treatments is like comparing the horse and cart to a bicycle and then to a Mercedes Benz.  These […]

Video Games May Help Chronic Back Pain

  You may be surprised to know that The University of Sydney has published a study which shows that video games may have a positive effect on relieving CHRONIC BACK PAIN   CHRONIC BACK PAIN – A MOST COSTLY AND DEBILITATING CONDITION Chronic back pain has become one of the most debilitating and costly health issues in our modern times.  Often effecting older adults, this can lead to loss of mobility, weight increase and associated […]

Chocolate – A Powerful Pain Reliever

  Chocolate lifts your mood, is a good antioxidant, is an anti-inflammatory and improves blood flow – all of which assist in pain relief. How is this possible? Chocolate has always been known to lift the mood create a relaxed feeling help with sleep It is also high in essential nutrients and easy on the gut. But not just any chocolate, so be careful which one you choose.     Dark is the Best It […]


Eat Green – Feel Great – Alleviate Pain! Green vegetables are low in calories, packed full of nutrients, cheap, you don’t need to cook them AND the food you eat can help to alleviate pain. How is this so? It’s because they are packed full of the following, which are essential to healthy living and to assist the body to reduce inflammation – which causes pain. Fibre – helps to keep a healthy digestive system […]

Is Fashion Damaging Your Health?

Fashion or Health? It is thought that up to ¾ of the western population are likely to suffer health issues due to their fashion and wardrobe choices.  These include conditions such as back and neck pain, circulation issues, digestion issues, skin irritations and allergies (we’ve excluded accidents). So what’s the problem? Tight Pants Circulation and digestion issues, especially when sitting and knee problems caused by incorrect knee extensions. High Heels Bunions, callouses and trapped nerves. […]