Welcome to Non Surgical Spinal Care

Non Surgical Spinal Care - Family Photo

Our team here at Non Surgical Spinal care, being our two technicians Kristin and Jayne, our assessing doctors and myself, are all totally committed to meeting our objective to offer an alternative treatment option for people suffering from back pain and neck pain.   A treatment which is a real alternative to surgery or when surgery is not a viable option.

My name is Jackson and I am the director, founder and head technician of Non Surgical Spinal Care. This is a photo of my family.  Myself, my wife Mey and our two boys Adam and Ray.

Most of our team at Non Surgical Spinal Care have suffered in the past from our own chronic back pain and neck pain so we intimately understand the position our patients are in and the daily struggles they face.

We are here to assist patients to regain lost mobility, reduce pain and return to them to their active lifestyles.